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"And frankly, you've never been more fanciable!"

Your Source For All Things Harmony

As you can figure, the main purpose of this community is to showcase the best of what this ship has to offer. From icons and fanart to fanfiction and essays, we have it all. This may seem drastically similar to communities such as the daily_snitch, however, there is one little catch: It's all revolved around the Harry/Hermione ship.

This community is currently maintained by calikalie, but helpers and volunteers are gladly welcome. All inquiries, suggestions, and tips can be owled at kalie.kales@gmail.com.

Co-Maintainers: movedbyyou, dmitup, asweetdownfall, roguish_angel, lykeleia


Of course, each piece of content will be separated into different categories. New catagory ideas are always welcome.

Icons: Self-explanatory, really. Icon posts featuring H/Hr even in the slightest or singly shall be listed here. Keep in mind that some posts may feature other contradictory ships. If that is the case, I will be putting a note of warning.

Artwork: Any handmade or graphical artwork that features either Harry and Hermione individually or as a couple shall be linked here.

Fanfiction: Again, rather self-explanatory. Written works either from various LiveJournal users or from places like Portkey.org where H/Hr is a staple. Fics listed here are recommended and are considered to be worth reading. It's a way of weeding out the bad fic out there.

Discussions: Any essays, theories, or discussions regarding the characters individually or as a ship will be explored here.

Communities: Any communities that are ship, character or H/Hr-oriented.

Challenges: Challenges revolving around the ship or characters that range from fanfiction to graphical.

Movies: Any news regarding the Potter films in terms of H/Hr will be listed here.


Like any well-run community, some rules must be set in store. All members (and even visiting users) are required to abide by these rules or your membership shall be revoked after three warnings.

-Please avoid all manner of netspeak (i.e. shortening language. R for are, U for you, etc). Or talking lIkE tHiS.

-Please be courteous of our shipping preferences. Just because you may ship completely different, that doesn't mean you need to bash ours. Which brings me to my next point...

-No Ship Wars or Ship Debates. I want to keep this community as shipper-friendly as possible. And that means no bashing on other ships, J.K. Rowling, and especially the Weasley family. This community will show others that not all H/Hr shippers are hateful and spiteful.

-Please be considerate of other people's work. As I've stated, I want this to be a friendly community.

hhr_stillness, delusionalfans, hhr_lims, dhr_news

If you would like to be listed as an affiliate of hhr_news, you can drop a line on the most recent post of the community or e-mail calikalie at kalie.kales@gmail.com.

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